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Rose Extract
WHAT: Not just a gift for Valentine's day, Rose is also a popular ingredient in skin care, most commonly found inanti-ageing products.
WHY: Rose extract has a moisturising, firming and soothing action and is ideal for dry and mature skin types. Rosehip Oil is effective at reducing the appearance of scars, burns and other skin blemishes.
HOW: Rose extract is found in skincare in different forms. Rose Oil is the essential oil extracted from the petals of the Rose flower. Obtaining the oil is labour-intensive and yields a low content of oil, making it very expensive. Rose Hips Oil is extracted from the seed pods of the Rose plant and has 80% essential fatty acids which help to regenerate skin cells and repair damaged skin tissue, improving the appearance of scars, burns and other skin blemishes.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Understand what motivates green purchases. It’s not just about doing good. Although 88 percent of green shoppers want to do what’s right and 85 percent want to preserve the environment for future generations, the biggest factor—cited by 90 percent—is the desire to save time or money in the long run. In other words, your product or service has to meet the same criteria as any purchase would—you don’t get special treatment for being green. 
Be specific. As I mentioned above, consumers are highly skeptical about green claims, so you need to spell out in plain English exactly what makes your product or service environmentally friendly. Stay away from complex or vague statements or scientific terms that are hard to understand and likely to make customers suspicious. Instead, keep it simple. Using symbols of any green certifications you possess is a smart move; these influence 80 percent of consumers to buy. You can also explain how the product helps the environment, such as “uses less water.”
Educate customers and prospects. Education is key when differentiating many green products and services from the competition. Your website, packaging, ad copy and other marketing materials should explain the benefits of your product or service, not just to the environment but to the customer as well. For example, low-energy light bulbs cost more than standard bulbs, but because they last longer, they can effectively be marketed citing the benefit that they eliminate the need to frequently replace bulbs in hard-to-reach places. If your product is priced higher than similar, non-green products, that’s not necessarily a deal breaker. Just be sure you spell out how your product is a better value in the end because it lasts longer, saves on energy costs or can be re-used.
Be honest. It’s easy to get a bit flowery and over-the-top when you’re writing marketing copy, but with a green product or service, you must be particularly careful not to overstate your green credentials in any way. If your customers—or your competitors—find out you’re not being 100 percent honest, it could backfire on your business in a major way. The Cone study found that when consumers feel a business is making false claims, 77 percent will boycott the company.
Walk the talk. In addition to the content of your marketing message, you need to consider how it is delivered. For example, if you announce your new green product by mailing a hard copy press kit to dozens of media outlets, your environmentally friendly message will get canceled out by the sheer waste of paper. If your organic skin-care products are shipped to stores packed in oversized boxes with Styrofoam peanuts, someone’s going to notice the disconnect and, in today’s transparent world, the negative word-of-mouth will spread fast., launched on Earth Day 2005 by Consumers Union, the non-profit publisher of Consumer Reports, is a Web-based initiative to inform, engage, and empower consumers about environmentally-friendly products and practices. GreenerChoices.orgoffers an accessible, reliable, and practical source of information on buying “greener” products that have minimal environmental impact and meet personal needs. 

We created to address the lack of credible, in-depth information on green products, services, and lifestyles, especially on the Web. Environmentally conscious consumers are faced with a huge amount of “green washing” by companies that want to capitalize on and exploit the growing interest in environmentally-friendly products, health, pollution and toxics. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

11 uses for Spring Rose Petals - Rose Jam, Rose Petals leave their scent & texture A beautiful compliment;_ylu=X3oDMTByZWgwN285BHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMQRjb2xvA3NrMQR2dGlkAw--/SIG=131frfr37/EXP=1381890164/**http%3a//

We love spring for many wonderful reasons, but it just may be those delicate and fragrant roses that we adore most of all. With more than 100 species, roses are the ultimate flower, but they're so commonplace that we often overlook their majesty and versatility.
Rose petals are a DIY craft lovers darling, and reusing those soft, silky petals is a far more worthy fate than sending them to a landfill. Roses are also edible flowers full of healthy benefits, and have been used to treat conditions including asthma, indigestion and stress for centuries. Try one—or all—of these ideas for your spring rose petals.
Potpourri: The obvious choice is to capture the rose's lovely fragrance in a homemade potpourri: Dry petals on a flat surface. Add a fixative (which helps to reduce the evaporation rate) such as cinnamon, ginger or vanilla beans. Lavender flowers work too. Let mix settle in a jar for a few days before using.
Sachets: That same potpourri recipe can go into muslin cloth or an old sock and placed anywhere you want to smell fresh. Your undies drawer and the linen closet are great places. So is inside your pillowcase.
Rose water: This is an amazing cosmetic treat, with many benefits for the skin. The aroma is soothing and relaxing, too. Check out the full instructions for DIY Rose Waterhere.
Face mask: Rose masks cool and sooth the skin. Soak 8 petals in 3-4 tablespoons of water for 2-3 hours. Then mash the petals into the water and add 3 tablespoons of honey. Mix well, and apply to entire face. Leave on for 15-30 minutes. Rinse with cool water.
Bath: You've got your rose facemask on, why not unwind in a warm bath filled with rose petals? They're relaxing and luxurious and will make your skin feel silky smooth.
Decorative: Float rose petals in a bowl of water with or without floating candles. Sprinkle around the table instead of a centerpiece, or all over the bed for an extra touch of the romantic.
Paper: For you DIY cardstock and paper makers, roses give texture and may retain their scent too.
Tea: Rose petals are a staple in Ayurvedic medicine for calming and detoxifying, and they add a great flavor to green tea, hot or iced. (Caution: Never eat conventionalflower store roses as they contain harmful pesticides.)
Fruit salad: Add fresh rose petals to liven and balance your fruit salads. They're best when sprinkled on to each individual serving with a bit of shredded coconut. And same rules apply as to tea, no pesticide petals.
Rose Jam: For you preservers, rose petals make a most heavenly jam by themselves or paired with another fruit, like strawberry. So sweet and aromatic.
Dessert decorating: Now that you've got your vegan baking down pat, add rose petals to your cake and dessert decorations. And they're truly amazing atop vegan coconut ice cream. Yumm....
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Free sample for artist's blog! (

Ever heard of Sova Anna Organic Paints?






Anna Sova Artist's (casein) Paint is versatile and easy to use!
  • If this is your first time dipping into Anna Sova Artist Paint, try it on canvas with acrylic brushes and a watercolor palette
  • Mix with water to create watercolor effects or use straight out of the jar for opaque paint
  • Paint on watercolor paper, illustration board, canvas, linen, wood or other non-oily and porous artist surfaces
  • Excellent for reproduction illustrations and large scale murals
  • Build up your painting with sucessive layers to avoid cracking
  • Or try our bamboo food grade texture and stucco on a rigid support surface to create impasto effects
  • As a general rule of thumb, most colors dry down darker and they always dry matte
  • Rinse your brushes with water and soap after use. Dried paint on a watercolor palette cleans up easily with water.
  • Try a clear shellac or a beeswax based varnish to intensify your colors and to make your paintings indistinguishable from oils

 (Wall Paints & More

The smell of paint is gone!

Anna Sova Healthy Paint, Texture and Stucco

We produce our paint with up to 90% food ingredients! The healthiest ingredients you can buy! Milk casein (as in yogurt), titanium dioxide (as in powdered donuts), food grade emulsifiers and preservatives (as in milkshakes and chocolates). Isn't breathing it the same as eating it? Just consider a gallon of our healthy paint as twelve pounds of vanilla truffles, and it's a bargain!
This is not a petrochemical, poly vinyl acrylic plastic stretched across the wall! Our healthy paint does not contain dozens of the toxic ingredients necessary for what the paint industry calls "paint". Anna Sova paint does not contain any crystalline silica, ethylene glycol, toluene, mutagens vinyl acrylics or acrylic copolymers or any ingredients known to cause cancer or birth defects commonly used in standard latex wall paints or not allowed in California's Proposition 65.
Exotic Color Collections - Experience cultural color authenticity through our exclusive Anna Sova paint palettes

Anna Sova Luxury Organics

1937 Irving Boulevard
Dallas, TX 75207
Phone: 214.742.7682
Also visit our Dallas Showroom located at:
1937 Irving Boulevard
Dallas, TX 75207
Showroom Hours: 9am - 5pm For Customer Service, email us at
or contact Sean Yarberry at For PR inquiries, please contact Karolina Malek at

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“Say it with Flowers” campaign

“You never thought a rose could carry notes of signature lines, until you found beauty in a rose…this line was written on roses and lasts the beauty of time”- Jocelyn Shaw

Trinkets of scented roses, thoughts of silk floral bouquets and scented bouquets of roses become the keepsakes, memoirs that last the lifetime of words and beauty

Signature lines laid down on a bed of roses gift forever between the lines
Lay the rose down with signature lines

“Say it with Flowers” campaign

Imagine the capture of silk roses, accented roses the beauty of a rose, forever held in place with signature lines that last a lifetime, never withering through time

A bouquet of words, never wither
This line was written on roses and lasts the beauty of time
Signature lines from the magical garden of roses come alive just as the magic in black roses-
Say it with Flowers- Say it Forever

Pledging Beauty- Words behind the pledge- Say it with Flowers
(Rose Bush FR campaign)

("Say it with Flowers" in our green movement)
Join us for our upcoming Rose Bush Fundraiser in support of Poetry in the Arts/Arts in Medicine

and our Green Campaign with Shaw Mobile Fitness

Wellness Event Fair- Calling/Hiring Consultants Seminar Speakers

Rose Bush Fundraiser- Paper Stock - We Are Green!!! Jocelyn Shaw's
YouTube Channel

Hello from Jocelyn Shaw, poet, artist (
jocelyn-shaw-is-poet-of-the-21st-century-F1A06C2001DD24C) Sentiments by Jocelyn Shaw Promo Ad J-Ligne Sentiments J-Ligne Sentiments by Jocelyn Shaw WORDS,WITHOUT GOODBYE Jocelyn Shaw FLY AGAIN,
SPANISH VERSION Vuele otra vez Quel u n'a jamais eu by Jocelyn Shaw, What
U Never Had Ballon Rouge by Jocelyn Shaw Apart by Jocelyn Shaw by Jocelyn Shaw'admiration by Jocelyn Shaw'magination, french version of
Daydreaming by Jocelyn Shaw Shadow of A Kiss by Jocelyn Shaw- French Version After Sunset by Jocelyn Shaw Affairs of Time, A Call of Keeps by Jocelyn Shaw Herit-i by Jocelyn Shaw Fossille by Jocelyn Shaw BOOK PROMO TRAILER by Jocelyn Shaw PROMO
ARTOLOGY BOOK PROMO by Jocelyn Shaw Manana by Jocelyn Shaw Indigene d' un autre monde/ Native of
Another World by Jocelyn Shaw Fly Again by Jocelyn Shaw Present by Jocelyn Shaw Present by Jocelyn Shaw

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  • Floribunda is a class of rose bushes that produce large, brightly colored blooms. They produce masses of flowers, often in clusters of three to as much as 15 blooms. This type of rose bush prefers sunny spots. It includes rose varieties such as day breaker, livin' easy, honey perfume and Betty Boop.

Hybrid Tea

  • Included in the hybrid tea class of roses are those most often seen in florist shops, bouquets and arrangements. They are typically long-stemmed, making them popular for cutting. Flowers in this class bloom one to a stem, rather than in clusters. Varieties in the hybrid tea class include Memorial Day, Elle and love 'n peace.

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