Friday, August 24, 2012

Virtual Rose Garden Campaign- "The Green Room", Sponsor Jocelyn Shaw, Author-Card Line
Jocelyn Shaw- Rose Paper Stock signature poetry

existing sponsors/products

donor Company gets a virtual rose and free advertising in the "Green
Room" on the website/blog

The Green Room on the site promotes the green movement and gets/gives
advertising perks

donor Company can
donate $1000-$10,000 towards organic purchases or give equity
donations such as paper stock made of organic products, equity
service(s) which ever becomes a preferred method of donor sponsorship

Signature Donors receive a virtual rose "Rose of Fame" promoting the
health benefits of organic product use and the "Arts in Medicine"
sponsored by our organization in addition promoting/sponsoring the
author/publishing company and
the donor get their name included in limited editions featuring cards
made of the rose paper stock as a sponsor or donor to Arts in Medicine
of which the Limited Edition proceeds will contribute

Donor get coupon/access to eStore Products from one of our
collaborating eStores and affiliate companies

Donor gets an organic tshirt with signature of Author/and the cause

Donor gets an edible rose bouquet

Rewards Recognition Tiers

level 1 donor
Donor gets the stock art rose posted on the site in the
"Roses of Fame" for their contribution

level  2 donor
Donor gets Organic T Shirt/with poem/signature
plus lower donor rewards

level 3 donor
Donor gets edible bouquet
shipped or gift certificate
plus lower donor rewards

level 4 donor

Donor gets Rose Bouquet with cards of choice shipped to choice destination
shipped or gift certificate
plus lower donor rewards

level 5 donor
Donor gets a rose bush
shipped or gift certificate
plus lower donor rewards

Contact the vendor (sistribution)
sponsor the the biz with advertising tradeoof in the campaign to
receive some kimd of discount or equitable advertising promotion,

advertising in the limited edition publication, annual advertising on
website and biz cards

potential company sources:
Custom Organic T-Shirts - Sustainable Organic Cotton T-Shirt
Bona Fide Organics: Organic
Rose Bushes - Huge Variety of Award-Winning Roses
Trusted Garden Source for 90 Years.
Custom Organic T-Shirts - Design Your Own Organic Tee Online - SimilarShare
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